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Thorough Demographic Research for High-Impact Target Marketing

Ensure your advertising makes an impact. Turtle Ridge Media offers targeted marketing services determined through our proprietary demographic research. Our research and mapping division finds your best prospects with our innovative geographic and demographic software. We deliver to your prospects using one of our four distribution methods, which is selected based on your needs and goals. 

More Than 200 Potential Demographic Areas

Our state-of-the-art software allows us to sort your customer database by more than 200 different demographic categories that can be identified by various geographic areas. These categories include the following and
many others:

• Population by Race
• Household by Race
• Age
• Presence of Children in the Household
• Household Value & Income
• Language Spoken in the Home
• Ancestry of Householder

Traditional Radius Distribution

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When you want to target the potential customers nearest your business, traditional radius is the simplest delivery method to use. Just provide us with your store location(s) and we will deliver your advertising material to the homes, multiple dwelling units, and businesses within the geographic radius you requested.

ZIP Code Distribution 

Zip Code Delivery

To target a specific area not necessarily near your business, try standard zip code delivery. Based on your store location, traffic, or specific demographic profiling, we carefully select the best zip code(s) for ad distribution. Keep in mind that zip codes do not have clearly identifiable boundaries, do not cover all the land area in the United State, and are changed periodically to meet postal requirements.

Block Group Distribution 

Block Group Delivery

Reduce waste and increase your ad-to-sell ratio by delivering only to targeted customers. We developed a proprietary software program to identify and map your selected target group by demographic profile. We then distribute your ad by block group to those potential customers.

What are block groups?
Census block groups are a cluster of blocks with the same first digit of their identifying numbers within a census tract— for example, block group 3 includes all blocks numbered between 301 and 397. Unlike USPS zip codes, block groups are geographically designed. Block Groups typically average around 250 to 500 households 

Address Specific Distribution 

Address Specific Delivery

For the absolute highest level of targeting, we offer address specific distribution. We are one of the only alternate delivery companies in the country with the ability and experience to provide this service. Our mapping software allows us to take your customer database and map each record by latitude and longitude. We then generate a delivery map and manifest and then send our delivery crews out in the field, hitting only your provided addresses.

Additional Benefits of Address Specific Distribution
Our ability to locate your customers by address allows us to offer a number of valuable additional sales resources, such as trade area and sales presentation maps. We can also provide a demographic analysis of who your current customers are and help you find "like kind" new customers.

Contact us for comprehensive demographic research services that help you make the best target marketing choices.