About Us

With more than 50 years of combined experience, Turtle Ridge Media is one of the largest alternate postal and hand delivery companies in the United States. We distribute millions of door hangers, flyers, newspapers, circulars, product samples, catalogs, and phone books to potential customers throughout the
United States.

Several Warehouses for Storage & Operation

Two 10,000 square foot storage warehouses support our brand new corporate headquarters in Gardena, CA. Our company also has a fully staffed warehouse facility in northern California. We have dock high loading for multiple semi-tractor trailers and easy access to the ramps.

Commitment to Quality - Live GPS Tracking
We have concentrated on accurate and timely distribution service.  Our company built an independent quality control system that has become the model of the industry.  We also offer client access to our GPS crew tracking for seamless delivery verification.  Our commitment to quality and our specialized delivery techniques earned us one of the best reputations in the marketplace.

Live GPS Tracking

 We've been recognized by the Association of Alternate Postal Systems for our industry ingenuity, media partnership, retail partnership, innovative distribution, and address specific deliveries. Latin-Pak™ recognized us with their Award of Dedication. We also received the Valassis™ Sampling Proficiency Award on multiple occasions as well as the 2016 IKEA Delivery Achievement Award.

Mission Statement
Turtle Ridge Media fully understands that delivery is the final step in the long process of presenting a quality advertising message to your customer. If your delivery is not the very best it can be, then all your efforts to that point will be in vain. We provide top quality, consistent, and on-time distribution to your customers.

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