Full-Service Direct Marketing Company 

From door hangers to product samples to newspapers, our distribution service spreads your marketing campaign far and wide.

When you are not sure who you should be targeting, our research team compiles and maps a complete list.

From door hangers to flyers to catalogues, our printing services allow you to create your message effectively and affordably.

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Turtle Ridge Media is a direct marketing company headquartered in Gardena, California, offering demographic research, door-to-door campaigns, and other services. Since opening more than 25 years ago, we have specialized in targeted distribution, helpful customer service, and services tailored to meet your objectives at a competitive price.

When you are tired of being in the clutter on business mail day and fed up with declining newspaper penetration and constant postage increases, Turtle Ridge Media is your solution. Whether you tell us where your prospects are or we find them for you, we ensure your message gets out. We offer GPS tracking so you can monitor delivery from the comfort of your desk. Our company is a proud member of the Association of Alternate Postal Systems™.

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